Evaluate your fund from an institutional LP’s point of view

What is this form?

A tool to help emerging VCs understand the institutional LP's perspective. We developed it to help us better process and structure information from VCs (vs. extracting from a deck). We got positive feedback from VCs, so decided to make it publicly available, and to continue building it out based on LP and VC feedback.

How will this help me?

Most emerging VCs are new to fundraising, and are not familiar with how LPs make decisions. This is not a comprehensive assessment, which is excessive for most emerging VCs. But it is intensive (budget 20-30mins to complete), and will give you insights into how you may be judged by most sophisticated LPs.

How do I access the form?

Click here. Again, the form takes 20-30mins to complete, so consider filling out on a desktop. You will be able to save and return to your progress later, so don't need to complete all at once.

How will you use my data?
You can see our privacy policy here: - to summarize: We will never share your personal information with any 3rd party without your explicit consent; we may share information about your fund with LPs that have a mandate that matches your profile; we may also share aggregated and anonymized data (e.g. median TVPI) with 3rd parties to help strengthen the case for investing in pre-institutional VCs.

What is an emerging VC?
We say Fund I/II/III + <$100M AUM, but are open to any VC who self-identifies as emerging. If you don't have the institutional LP's perspective, this is for you!

Can I share it with other VCs?
Yes! Please share this with your network. We are working on producing a report (anonymizing and aggregating the results) so that VCs can benchmark with their peers. More data makes this more valuable!

What is Oper8r?
Oper8r is a platform for emerging VCs. We started Oper8r after seeing too many high-potential emerging VCs struggle to launch because the market doesn’t offer a clear solution for establishing and raising an institutional fund. 

Who is behind Oper8r?
Winter Mead (former investor at Sapphire Ventures and Hall Capital Partners) and Welly Sculley (former operator at Ripple and Boku). We’re friends from college. We live in the SF Bay Area. You can reach us at and

OK, so what’s next?
First, give us feedback (see below)! Second, we will contact you if we see a match with an LP. Third, we will do our best to share the results of this form with you - more data is better, so please share with your fellow VCs!